1 Timothy 2:5- go read it yo

ok, here's what it's lookin like.

1. We need people to promote the livejournal community, if you can make banners, or put the link in other communities, that would be awesome.

 2. show dates

3.20.05 Shooters Billiards .MYCHILDREN.MYBRIDE.Anahil Cardea The kidnapping The Valentine +TBA

www.purevolume.com/mychildrenmybride go there now!!!

3.27.05 Summers End With Passion Anahil Aldora Goals We Set +TBA

4.15.05 Through the Harlots Eyes Anahil One Bullet Short Of A Massacre +TBA

come out and dance it up G!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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Hey you people.

Everyone, go HERE! </font>

____This is the NEW site and Tony didnt post the link :D
____The site is still under construction, but go to the forum, join, post, make Tony happy.</font>

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!!!!MOD POST!!!!

Ok, the graphic has been chosen for the E.P., most likely. There's an example of it in the information on the profile. I would like more people to sign up to the street team... anahilmusic@yahoo.com and also, the show Feb 13th starts at 2, not one...
Peace guys and gals,
Anahil Drummer